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Setting up to SMS Direct from Hirum


Please note you must be using version 3.16 or greater of HiRum to enable this function.  To check your version, go to the word Help above the top row of icons and click on About HiRum.  If you are on a version below 3.16, please contact HiRum for an upgrade.

To use this function, you will need to register with SMS Global


Step 1: Use the following link


Step 2: Fill out form.

-Must be under business account

-Must enter Hirum in promo code section. (Gives the client 200 free SMS)

-Must enter HIR in affiliate code section


Log in to Account and go to preferences. Under “EMAIL to SMS Settings” make sure you tick the option to Turn Off “on/off Email to SMS Feature” and add your email address.


In HiRum, go to the set up menu   and click on building information, Tab 7 EMAIL/SMS and make sure that you have the details are filled out for your email server/port and address and that the SMS Domain as below




Also in Setup and Building Information insert the email address



This email address must be the same as the email address they have registered on

(This identifies the valid account for that user.)

Exit this section


Go to the SMS icon in the top row of the HiRum Screen and create your message in the same manner that is used to create letters


Go to the guest screen and highlight the guest you wish to send an SMS to, click on the SMS button on the right then click send.


If you click on change on the booking you will find an SMS log